About us

Launched in 2017, EBC supports local companies to become competitive on international markets and sustains an export oriented local culture. Due to a fast-growing economic environment, is critical for local producers’ success on external markets to be endowed with the proper intel, instruments and resources.


EBC (Export Business Center) is an innovative business model in Romania, able to combine local and international expertise to increase export in two of the main domains presented in 2014-2020 Romanian National Export Strategy: ecological agriculture and wood furniture.

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Who benefits of our services

Companies with export capacity, but still needing training and necessary intel to grow on international markets. As well as occasional exporters or companies addressing a single market or a unique distribution channel who desire to expand the export coverage area ...

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What do we offer

Consultancy services in creating an efficient export strategy. A team of specialists experienced in export processes who will inform you about: fiscal policies, transportation and shipping, tax and customs legislation, tariff and non-tariff barriers, quality standards, packaging and labelling ...

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Next steps

2017 - 2018

  • Implementing “Integrated Export Services for Romanian SME (Small and Midsized Enterprises) Project”, which will allow by a concentrated effort to support local producers to grow quicker through export
  • 80 companies (160 individuals) trained in export proficiency

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