What is EBC

What is EBC

EBC (Export Business Center) is an innovative business model in Romania, able to combine local and international expertise to increase export in two of the main domains presented in 2014-2020 Romanian National Export Strategy: ecological agriculture and wood furniture.

Launched in 2017, EBC supports local companies to become competitive on international markets and sustains an export oriented local culture. Due to a fast-growing economic environment, is critical for local producers’ success on external markets to be endowed with the proper intel, instruments and resources.

EBC aims to support Romanian producers to be:

  • Competitive on international markets
  • Prepared to meet the export demands
  • Notorious after joining international exhibitions and fairs.

In parallel, EBC activiley suports creating an export favorable culture by:

  • Developing a network of commercial representation on the targeted markets;
  • Maintaining dialogue between the companies and the local administrative organizations, such us the Romanian, Prohova and Bacău Industry and Commerce Institutions, research institutions, clusters, NGO’s, cooperatives and universities;
  • Creating higher added value products, in order to overcome the current stage of raw materials’ exports;
  • Promoting Romanian ecological agriculture products, wood furniture and wood based products on international markets;
  • Supporting technological transfer programs;
  • Creating strategic partnerships with economic bureaus of promoting commerce inside the embassies of the targeted countries;
  • Promoting a business management model characterized by elasticity, dynamism and efficiency.