Romania aims at becoming the organic garden of Europe

You needn’t be an independent judge from a prestigious world culinary contest to find that when it comes to food, it’s not mainly about smart packaging or clever marketing, it’s all about taste.

As modern consumers, it is in our nature to be always looking for something special or at least different to what we are already accustomed to. This is particularly true when we explore different types of food, tasty, organic, still retaining that special flavour usually reserved to savvy customers.

Romanians are said to have plenty of such tasty products, some recognized by world taste institutes, as those in Brussels or London. This doesn’t surprise anyone, as almost half of Romania’s land area is covered with natural landscapes, including one of the largest remaining areas of undisturbed forest in Europe. Just imagine the bees flying over the marvellous Danube Delta or over the biggest virgin forests of Tilia. Surely, these natural benefits are a warrant for a very special honey, a kind of local “Manuca”, which added to outstanding beekeeping skills, have led Romanian honey producers to reach a well-deserved place among the top EU companies.

But as the consumers across the globe are becoming more and more health conscious, the local producers cannot rely solely on their exquisite taste to meet their demand. Thus, Romania’s certified organic food industry is undergoing rapid development, not only because the natural ecosystem favours this type of farming, but also due to local producers’ commitment to innovate, to invest in research in order to enhance the natural potential or to bring to light the know-how passed on from father to son. 

This continuous dedication led to luxurious collections of cold pressed oils, attested by the prestigious Brussel International Taste & Quality Institute, or to modern premium brand of smoked trout, awarded One Golden Star by the Great Taste specialists in London.

But what about that something special? Well, one can receive a certificate in this area as well. And this is even more valuable to one’s personal search, as it comes from even a more trustworthy source - the soul!

If you happened to come across the “Wild Carpathia” documentary, broadcasted all over the world, you might recollect HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, saying that Romania “nourishes the soul and the heart”, pledging for the preservation of its amazing ecosystem long lost in other parts of the world due to the consumerism pursuit. Maybe this is what Romania does special – it’s still preserving a traditional way of living and farming, in harmony with a generous mother-nature.
You have the chance to discover a piece of that “special” feeling by tasting Romanian cold pressed oil, jams, fish, fruit juices, honey, pollen, tea, cosmetics and sea buckthorn products at Middle East Natural&Organic Expo Dubai, Booth 7K11, in Hall 7 - Romanian Organic Products, from November 18th to 20th.

Over 20 experienced specialists in organic agriculture, supported through the project “Integrated Export Services for Romanian SMEs”, co-financed by Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union, are exhibiting their most exquisite products. 

This venture is just one of the first steps towards Romania’s goal of becoming a world known organic producer due to the country’s natural potential and producers’ commitment to maintain their businesses into a sustainable frame, understanding that artificially increased production could damage this natural legacy for future generations.